A Global Pharmaceutical Company


A Global Pharmaceutical Company

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Kopran manufactures a range of APIs including Sterile Cephalosporins in its state of art facility. Manufacturing of any Sterile API needs excellent facility and quality systems. Kopran has always been a major player in the manufacturing of Sterile Cephalosporins . Apart from Sterile APIs, we offer wide range of Speciality products which include Macrolides, anticonvulsant and Cardiovascular range of drugs among others. For many of our APIs, we hold Certificate of Suitability.


  • The plant has been approved by EU GMP, WHO GMP, COFEPRIS & KFDA.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • The facility is located at MIDC Mahad, District Raigad, Maharashtra.
  • The manufacturing facility has built up area of 11,900 sq. mtrs. on a plot of 9 Acres.
  • The plant has dedicated and versatile facilities for:
    • Atenolol
    • Pregabalin
    • Cephalosporins - Non-Sterile & Sterile
    • Macrolides
    • Other Products

  • The facility has a well defined quality management system and current Good Manufacturing Practice ('cGMP').
  • Leveraging on the in house expertise and in house research, this division has concentrated on high value drugs which require technological expertise.
  • The manufacturing facility is well supported by a state of the art contained pilot plant for the purpose of scaling up of the process.
  • The industrial effluent treatment plant has a installed capacity of treating 250 m3/ day with a total connected load of 150 H.P treating nearly 150 m3 of water daily.
  • The Facility has European Union Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate.
  • The following products have the European approval as a certificate of suitability to the European Pharmacopeia (CEP):
    • Atenolol
    • Azithromycin
    • Roxithromycin

  • A whole range of Pharmaceutical raw materials primarily high value in various therapeutic groups :
    • Anti-Infectives (Both Sterile and Oral)
    • Cardiology
    • Neuromodulators

Process Capabilities

Production of Chemical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients by:

1. Acrylation 12. High Pressure Hydrogenation
2. Alkylation 13. Haloganation
3. Amination 14. Mannich Base Reaction
4. Cyclisation 15. Nitration 
5. Condensation 16. Oxidation
6. Chlorosulphonation 17. Oximation
7. Epoxidation 18. Protection and Deprotection
8. Enzymatic Hydrolysis 19. Pressure reaction
9. Esterification 20. Reduction
10. Friedal Craft Reaction 21. Silylation
11. Grignard Reaction

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our production plant contains-

  • Reaction vessels with volumes from 50 ltrs. to 6000 ltrs. working under vacuum and pressure upto 30 kgs. >Total working capacity of all the vessels together is 127000 ltrs.
  • Facility to go upto the temp. 150°C and as low as (-)95°C.
  • Reaction vessels of various material of construction viz. stainless steel, carbon steel, glass lined, tiled lined, carbon lined etc.
  • Pelletisation machines.
  • Rectification and distillation columns.
  • Centrifuges.
  • Vacuum and pressure filters.
  • Various types of dryers.
  • Various types of micronisers.
  • Dedicated facility for Sterile product manufacturing.
  • Processing plant for water, waste and waste air.

These plants facilitate the production of various organic intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The high quality standard of our products is guaranteed by production according to the cGMP regulation. Facility meets current requirement of various regulatory authorities with several active Drug Master Files.

The extensive experience in Organic Chemistry coupled with cGMP capabilities allows Kopran to provide its customers with a wide range of services in Organic Synthesis for custom manufacturing and the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The team of dedicated Scientists with a state of the art Research Centre supported by pilot plant can meet the challenges of increasing customer demands as well as responding to our responsibilities for the environment. The independence of the Research team means that customers are assured that Contract Research is carried out confidentially and Exclusively.